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Looking forward

Three decades of international business experience not only teaches you what you need to know to survive in foreign markets, but also - and more importantly - what you need to do to THRIVE in them. Experience takes time to accumulate and knowledge often comes through costly trial and error. When a company hires a consultant they want to hedge their bets and minimize their risk because most have neither the time nor inclination to make the same mistakes others before them have made. We’ve helped hundreds of companies become successful in domestic and foreign markets by being keen observers of the cultural differences that can put a company's products on the top shelf or leave them sitting in the back room. We believe in asking questions and then listening to the answers.

The approach isn't rocket science. It can only come from on-the-ground experience, something you can’t pick up in business school or from academics who specialize in theory. Working for the Federal and State governments has also given us an advantage. We understand bureaucracies and know what it takes to move them in the right direction. That translates into resources saved...for you.